about us

The  BSKI  company  provides   professional  calculations,  competitive  prices  and  fast  delivery          of orders!


Products and services:

  • analysis of the tender documents for estimation;
  • preparing of cost estimation in every stage of the project (design, tender, after execution) for direct and indirect costs for bridges, roads, railway construction or buildings, with varying complexity using software like: NORMA PRO, BRZ, iTwo or CCS Construction Software;
  • analysis of the costs of Labour, Plant and Material (L,P,M) in the project  on the bid stage        or during realization;
  • preparation of schedules (bar chart or graph) for planned projects (linear construction for road or railway) using such software like MS Project, CCS Construction software or TILOS;
  • preparation of financial data and resource L,P,M for different claims in accordance with      the requirements of FIDIC;
  • optimization analysis of direct and indirect costs on site;
  • calculation and analisys based on polish,  english and german documentation

The orders may relate to construction sites and projects throughout the Poland country.

Many years of experience, cooperation with European specialists of the construction industry as well as legal consultancy, use the latest engineering software, allow the BSKI team to expand from one year to another the capabilities and scope of its work.