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The  BSKI company  provides  professional  calculations,  competitive  prices  and  fast  delivery
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Latest projects

  • preparing of financial plan and cash-flow for one section of motorway A2 (2011)
  • calculation of indirect costs for bridge structures and acoustic screens for project "SZCZUCZYN BY-PASS". The project includes 9 bridge structures with different kind of main slab: steel structure, presstresed structure  and precasted beams as well. (2012)
  • calculation of indirect costs for bridge over Wistula river and bridge over Breń river in Połaniec. This project includes two new bridges: 955m and 112m long with steel structures  (2012)
  • calculation of costs for renovation of several buildings in the areas of mining damage  (2012)
  • calculation of indirect costs for projects in Germany  (Offenbach bei Frankfurt, Herzberg)  (2012 and 2013) 
  • preparing of cost calculations together with offer documents for: Building of underground construction for car parking in Focha street in Cracow. Project  "design and build". (2013)
  • preparing of estimation for railworks for project in Norway for BYBANEN, Bergen light rail Lagunen - Flesland (2013)
  • current settlement costs for project "UNTERE LAHN" in Germany, 42km from Limburg to Koblenz. (2014-2015). Railway construction works,  railway traffic control devices along with the implementation of infrastructure 8 pcs. of new control room and associated facilities
  • preparing of  bill of quantity  and  cost  calculations for "Construction  of  the  warehouse of  general   purpose  for  police       in Rząska"  in  Poland. Three-floor building  96,91m x 35,50m planned partly for storage and partly for offices. The whole  project  includes  mainly  the building  but also parking area with the necessary infrastructure. (2016)
  • preparing of  bill of quantity  and  cost  calculations for rebuilding the production hall VW near Poznan, Poland (2017)
  • current settlement of construction costs "BAB A100 Los 6 und 7, Treptower Park in Berlin" (2016 - still)
  • implementing costing process with iTWO software to companies